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Nina Burr


Cooking and food has always played an integral role in my life.  Almost everything we did as a family growing up was around food and cooking. I started my career as a personal chef, and went on to starting a line of gluten free cookies and granola, shipping to artisanal shops and markets nationwide. Soon after the cookies and granola took off, I opened my restaurant, Good Habit Foods.

After having my first son, I realized how challenging the balance of work, family, and cooking can be. I realized how important it is to connect food with your life in a real way that seems effortless, and uncomplicated. And after years in the food/restaurant business, I had acquired a wealth of knowledge of how to make my time in the kitchen more efficient and productive, and now share these tips in my classes. 

The GOOD HABIT philosophy is about nourishing your body from the inside out. Taking time to connect with food and ingredients in a simple, delicious and intensely satisfying way. I invite you to join me in making real food, learning about health, beauty, and wellness, and making your life better, in and out of the kitchen.

Sunday Prep


Our most popular class! Teaching you the fundamentals of prepping ingredients and packaging them for optimal shelf life in your fridge. Learn how to prep ingredients for the week, allowing you the freedom to pull from your prepped components to make a variety of different meals...without starting from scratch each time. Saving you time, stress, and energy that you can put back into your own life and family.  

All you have to do is PREP.

Easy Appetizers


Just one of our upcoming cooking class themes, with a focus on easy appetizers and entertaining.  Assorted crostini, cheese and charcuterie landscapes, bruschetta bars, homemade hummus and crudite spreads. Easy stress free appetizers that can even pass as dinner! No fuss menu ideas that allow you to walk away from the kitchen and enjoy your guests. This class, along with many others, will be offered as series of classes inspired by what you really want to hacks, shortcuts, and tricks that will make your time in the kitchen more efficient.

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Dr. Talia Emery, owner of Remedy Skin & Body, talks about her favorite beauty procedures and products. Followed by Q&A.

Foods For Your Skin


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